We are Reuben, Pratiksha, Dil, Sujan and others helping out where the need is for the Child. We love Children and we want them to become what God wants them to become. We are nobody but just the caretaker for a time being to serve the ones who God will give to us.

We are local and international individual standing for the same cause for the sake of the children in Nepal. We are no body paid and we are not in full time here. We tithes our time to help improve the life of little ones worldwide. We are students, workers, job holder and volunteers and we do serve children in our spare time. Join with us because you can do what we have been doing and be a part of God’s blessing as you serve the Children.

We would like you to come to Nepal to help us in our effort to make Children life better.

You can share your blessing of clothes of your children. They can be use here for other kids who are in need.