Volunteering in Nepal

How to volunteer in Nepal?

Volunteering in Nepal is a wonderful way to gain some experience and give back to the society. Volunteering will not only help the concerned community, it will also help you gain experience in your field of choice and learn about a new culture and language. It can also serve you the purpose of a working holiday as the moments spent in a beautiful place like Nepal will be no less than a holiday. We have heard people say that their life was changed when they came and worked as a volunteer.

We organize volunteering opportunities for interested individuals and groups in various sectors including construction of the school for poor children who need education, housing for the orphans, widows and poor families. Apart from this, you can also visit villages and interact with people who have never seen foreigners come to their houses and you also will never forget the service and friendship they will make to you. Travel with us as we go to the most beautiful sites in Nepal to help deserving communities with what they need.

During the period you are volunteering, we will arrange for your lodging, food and other logistics required and also the travel to and from the volunteering site.

Our charges are very low. You pay 15 dollar per day and that includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner, your room, wifi and washing machine. We would love to share our rooms with you and would like to give you ministry.

If you are interested in a volunteering program or would like to know more about it, please drop an email.

Current Project available for volunteering in Nepal

1. Working in Orphanage

2. Teaching in School

3. Community Service/Relief Work, (seasonal).

‘Do and Don’t’

• Respect the culture.

• Take off your shoes.

• Don’t eat your food alone, if you don’t share that is rude.

• Ask before you use anything from the host.

• Don’t give cash to the beggar.

• Single boys and single girls are not allowed, unless they are blood relatives or married couples.

• Drink and Smoke prohibited.

• Follow the bed time.

• Wear long trousers and cover the sensitive parts of your body. If you are in Church, you will have to sit on the floor in most of the Churches, so wear any that is long.

Volunteering is Biblical

During Paul’s Missionary Journey, they were planning to visit several places. But the Holy Spirit particularly shows them in the vision through one man, Saying, ‘Come me over us and help us. ‘You will have your accommodation during your trip to Nepal at a guest house or in your host home. We will receive you in the airport, and will transfer you to the guest house and take you to sightseeing, during the free time. You will have food in the host family, room and prayer meeting as per the itinerary. We will teach you how to wear Nepali clothes and we will tell you many more during the orientation briefing.

Mission Trip to Nepal

Nepal has been open to the gospel and we need volunteers to work in orphanages, churches, and schools. We are Christian and we host only Christians who love the Lord from the heart and share and serve others, that’s the love in action.

If you are thinking of volunteering, Nepal could be the finest choice for you that you would ever make in your lifetime.

Where is Nepal?

When you come you would love this place and the people. Situated between China’s Tibet and India, Nepal’s plains, mountain and Himalayas makes it a perfect place for serving. Other attractions of interest include Jungle Safari, Bungee jump, Everest Flight and trekking in the Himalaya. This could be your secondary program before you go back home. Your determination to serve others in need is the most important decision any person can make in life. God has given each of us a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another, says Peter in his second epistle in 4:10.

Volunteering is Fun

It’s not only fun to connect with others, it also bridges the heart of two communities despite how far you live on the globe. It brings harmony and helps institutionalize peace and stability in community and even in nation.We are working in Orphanage, in School and building the Church so that more people can sit comfortably and you are welcome to help us. There are varieties of ways you can serve. Your contribution definitely will be appreciated, so please make plans to come.

Some useful answers which you may be seeking


We will tell you important things that you should need to know once you arrive and before going to the working area. I love volunteering. Volunteering is a lifetime memory because it makes a difference and because it brings great feelings, I love making new friends, and I love supporting a cause that I care about.

Your food and lodging

We will provide you room and food. You don’t have to cook for yourself. If you have too many and would like to cook, you can do that as well. There are lots of Marthas out there who are concerned for your well being.


Teens and healthy people are welcome to volunteer. Mission work sometimes means labor. We are reluctant to receive below 16 years of age.

Spirituality and activity engagement

You should not drink or smoke in your entire mission trip time with us. Dating should be avoided since Nepali culture is very sensitive. You are the salt and light. Normally house church is organized throughout the week and you are always invited to join. So be ready to share what you have if you want to.

I am single. Can I join?

Yes you can, if you are in good health. Remember you are coming to serve, read this verse, Therefore, wherever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone, especially to those in the family of faith.

Do I need to pay money?

Yes you are. You are not paying, you are contributing to the expenses for the electricity, food, room, washing machine, wifi and others.

Write to us if you are interested in volunteering in Nepal or if you want to ask anything. God bless tankrai@gmail.com

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