Sponsor duties

Pray for their Sponsored Child

Praying for your sponsored child is one of the most important privilege you have as a sponsor. You can pray for the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Pray that your child experiences God’s love and protection in a special way. As you begin communicating with your child, you will become aware of more specific needs for which you can pray. As a part of your long-term commitment to sponsor a child, please keep investing time in prayer—the impact may be more significant than you can ever imagine.

Send a Letter

We encourage you to write a letter to your sponsored child. Your letters will establish you as a very important person in their life. Write a letter in such a way that they keep it forever in their closet and in heart as treasure and use them as a reminder that someone cares about them enough by their time, prayer, and resources.

What to tell them about yourself:

• Mention about yourself and send family pic.  Children also love to receive pictures of their sponsor’s families.

• Mention about your favorite pastimes – talk about your hobbies or sports you enjoy

• Include a description of your work, church, or school

• Give a general description of the area where you live (But no specific addresses, please)

What to avoid:

• Do not say about your material possessions (the size of your home or kind of car you drive).

• Suggesting that your sponsored child visit you in your country.

• Do not use slang or colloquialisms that would be difficult to translate or understand

• Do not ask your sponsored child would like as a gift from you

• Letters are handed over with only the Paper, not with the envelop. Your home address are deleted when we give letter to the Child.

Write a Mail

You can write an email to your contact and we print them for you and give the Child. Please send only used clothes that are in good shape or books when you wish to mail. Your child greatly appreciates receiving anything from you, so enjoy being creative in what you send!

As a reminder, please do not send cash to your sponsored child. That will cause them to rely on cash then on God.

Video Chat

When you are free or when they are free, video chatting could be very energetic and refreshing for both the Child and the Sponsor. Ask simple questions and do not promise them of your visit. Build up their faith when you speak to them.

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