Children we support

Welcome to the Children of Nepal. These are precious Children that once we supported and still supporting those who are not yet graduated from School. We support children until they finish class 10. Some of them have joined +2 and doing very good in their study.

How we chose Children?

There are many children that need support. We can’t support everyone that approaches us, but we chose to help one or two at a time. We support Children those who are under certain situation like this:

  • Orphan or which don’t have father or mother,
  • Very poor child,
  • Parents physically disabled, and
  • Disadvantaged Children.

Types of Support

We have adopted two types of support to the Children.

  • Keep in orphanage,
  • Financial support.

Keep in Orphanage

First type of Child is accepted in Orphanage after going through background check of severity of the child’s situation. We covered her/his school fees, uniform and clothing, books, outdoor, medical insurance, outdoor activities, accommodation and food.

Financial Support

Other type of Children we support are those who get financial support for their education. This does not cover all the expenses.


We monitor the their educational progress physical growth of the Children time to time. Sponsor can have zoom talk during special event like, birthday, sickness or surgery, pass or promotions. Our care taker will have all their records and instruct them what to do next if they need.

Exchange of letters

Children will write letter of thanks to their respective sponsor each year or during Christmas and in turn we hand over sponsor letter to the kids. Sometime kids make drawing or do art and share those to their sponsors to make sponsors happy, likewise sponsor can send gifts or send extra contribution to buy gifts in special occasion like Birthday or school graduation.

Useful gifts

Sponsor can offer to buy special meal during the kid’s birthday, or buy Guitar, Bi-Cycle, clothes, toys, soccer ball, teddy bear, watch, necklace, erring, or anything that feel them loved.

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