Story of Saroj Rai


Saroj was born on January 9, 2005 in the village of Dungedunge, Mahamai, Ilam, Nepal.

When he was only 6 years old, his mother died of health complications. His village is remote and isolated, so his family does not have immediate access to healthcare. His father remarried another woman. Unfortunately in Nepal, often time step-children are not given the same attention and love as biological children, and so Saroj was left without basic necessities like clothes or adequate food.

Saroj was helpless. We knew something needed to change. If Saroj stayed in his home, he would end up on the streets. So we brought Saroj to the orphanage.

Saroj is mature in understanding matters. He listens carefully to what you are saying and responds. He is more than happy to help with chores around the orphanage. He cleans rooms, prepares food and sets the table. He loves to play soccer and watch cartoons.

Saroj has a piggy bank and when someone gives him money he puts it in. Saroj helps and loves buying things that are needed in kitchen. When there is shortage of things, he rushes to the little store nearby to buy. He helps.

There is a deepness in him, and understanding beyond his age that could be noticed. And at the same time, he is joyful and exuberant, curious and friendly.

Thank you for your help for Saroj. The change and new direction for Saroj is night and day—and it couldn’t be done without your support and generosity. Thank you!

Fun Questions about Saroj

Favorite Veggie: Red pumpkin.

Favorite Food: Chicken chowmin and momo.

Why He Likes Being a Kid: Because he can enjoy riding his bike and playing.

Future Plans: Become a good soccer player.

Favorite Bible Character and Why: Noah, because he believed in God and did what God told him to do.

Favorite Animal: Leopard because they can climb tree and hunt prey.

If you chose new name for yourself, what could be it? He replied, ‘Moses’ because he was a great leader.

His Best Friend in School: Aryan, because they do homework together and help each other when they get confuse.

Saroj is very optimistic and behave like mature man. He helps in farmyards, cultivation and planting. He is the man of the house. He takes care of all the matters, like making sure that doors are locked, feeding the chicken, cleaning the house, going to market and groceries. He is 16 years of age now and reading in Class 8 in private School.

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